Wood care & maintainance

Thank you for your interest in our products.  Please take a few minutes to understand what kind of maintenance is required for wooden furniture so you can make an informed decision.

Wood is a product that will last you for several years, however there are a few aspects to be considered while purchasing wood as it is an organic product, which are explained below so that you are aware of how wood reacts to different conditions.

How wood reacts to moisture

  • Wood needs to be kept in well ventilated spaces, away from sunlight & weather fluctuation.
  • Wood can react to weather changes , for instance from summer to monsoon or from monsoon to winter. These changes can happen in terms of expansion of wood. Even minor fluctuations like using an air conditioner can cause opening of joints, minor cracking of wood. It is not absolutely necessary that this will happen but depending upon how temperature in your house it could happen.
  • Although the wood used is dry & seasoned, one cannot anticipate which plank of wood will react in which manner.
  • Keeping the house closed for long periods is also not suggested as wood requires good ventilation.

How to solve this problem

Normally, after one weather cycle is over, this kind of joint opening/cracking stops happening. If such a thing does happen , we will take care of the maintenance of the furniture by rectifying the furniture with required fillers & wood. Please note that we do not take back/replace furniture in such cases , however we will take care of its maintenance for you for the 1st  year as after that it is mostly not required as the wood settles to the moisture level where it is kept.

In which furniture this happens mostly?

This mostly does not happen in furniture like sofas , beds, cushioned dining chairs, chest of drawers, cabinets & other small furniture but if at all one needs to be careful with solid wood dining tops & other large surfaces with large wooden planks.

How to avoid this problem

It is not necessary that this would happen in the furniture but we are only sharing all the possibilities with you so you are aware what goes into maintenance of wood.

Certian customers prefer the touch & feel of wood despite knowing these factors can occur, they still go for complete wood.  However if you completely want to avoid this , we suggest two options

Option 1

We can make framing & body in teak wood & veneer in  the centre portion which will give a very similar look to wood & will also have the strength of wood in the framing all over.

Option 2

We can use  100% teak wood & veneer on top of it. That way you will have complete wood & need not worry about the wood getting affected.

Lasting of Wood

Please note that one characteristic of wood is that it can be worked on several times & will still last you for years. This is a natural characteristic of wood which cannot be controlled completely.

If you have any more questions with regards to this, please do get in touch with us. We hope this helps you in making an informed decision.


Making Furniture from Images
When furniture is being made from images / photographs or sketches please account for minor variation in dimession, proportion & over all look. Very often the lighting can make the furniture look very different. Often we also make furniture from images that clients send us. In such cases , most of the time the dimensions are not available & it is upto us to decide them.

When it comes to making it practically , some judgement has to be left at the carpenter’s discretion & variation of a few cms is very much possible as all factors cannot be judget practically through a photograph unless it is to scale & the measurement is known upto the mm.