Why we are not Pepperfy , Urban Ladder or Fabfurnish

Dear Customer,

We understand that today’s customer is extremely savvy & can very well do a research of the competition to make an informed decision about his or her purchase. We do understand that price is an extremely important criterion in making a purchase. The last few years have drastically changed the way the customer shops due to the convenience of online shopping that customer’s have today & the customer today is ready to make a decision sitting in front of his computer screen.

Being in the furniture trade, we regularly hear comparisons with urban ladder, pepper fry & fab furnish which are the most prominent online retailers amongst many. We do agree that they have been instrumental in changing the buying habits for furniture, which is not an easy thing to do.

In order to answer the question of this constant comparison with them, we have created this info graphic about how we function differently from them. We hope this would answer a lot of questions & help you make an informed decision. Your feedback & views on this are welcome.

BIC Vs. Others

Business Policy

Them – gain as much market share as possible as fast as possible even at the cost of making huge losses as long as the rounds of funding keep coming order to gain as gaining market share is most important.

Us – develop a quality product, serve a niche, service the customer to the best of our ability & lastly think about our own profits. Unfortunately, we are unable to sell at a loss as we do not follow a venture funded business model.


Them – – Make maximum vendors sell on their online marketplace. While this helps a lot in terms of google ranking, it also means there are that many more people who are involved in the service & quality control process, which makes it that much more challenging to control.

Us – We rarely outsource our furniture manufacturing & keep everything in-house as far as possible. All our quality control, per unit checking, packing & delivery is all in-house which means we have far better control over the quality.


Sell low to gain maximum customers possible. The cheaper you sell, the more you can sell. They also mainly sell stock items that are listed on the website & do very limited customised work as it needs constant personal interaction.


We specialise in customisation by offering personal visit & making furniture plans as per your floor plan & discussing the design & detail of every item with you. Maintain pricing that justifies usage of premium materials such as teak wood & high grade sheesham that we season as per Indian weather.

Grade of wood

Them – Mainly use Mangowood/ / mdf/ commercial sheesham wood. Normally they use mdf at the back & insides.

Us – teak wood / high grade sheesham / ply wood. We offer 100% wood if required by customer.

After sales service

Them – the wide range & volume of their business makes it difficult for them to maintain easy after sales service.

We always commit to our after sales before hand & do not over commit beyond what we can do

We do not intend to put down the online retailers as they definitely have advantages such as more variety, lower freight costs , ability to offer a lot of items at heavy discounts. We have only put down this infographic to explain our point of view v/s theirs.

We hope this has been helpful to you in making a decision for your purchase.

12 thoughts on “Why we are not Pepperfy , Urban Ladder or Fabfurnish

  1. urmila jain says:

    I am interested in bedroom all wood furniture especially wardrobe without mdf . We live in Mumbai. Do you have a showroom in Mumbai or do you supply in Mumbai . Please reply at your earliest. Thanks urmila jain

  2. Mrs Seema Ajmera says:

    liked your product range , you should have on line chat to get connected,
    on your web site options to mention our contact number and receive calls from your sides.

  3. kiran says:

    even your product have good and competitive range why you not tagging price on your product.
    mere showing the different product wiothout having no price list has meaning less as product pricing is concern.
    lot of time i have visited your site and unable to choose the product due to un tagged of price

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