Hot to Plan a Wardrobe

Wardrobe in pure teak wood with natural finish


  • Take accurate measurement

A wardrobe is perhaps the largest piece to be designed in your home which is why measurements are an extremely crucial factor when it comes to planning them. Make sure you have measured the walls at least 3 times in order to ensure that you have got the right size & are making optimum usage of space.


  • Planning of lofts

If you have a high ceiling, then you would obviously want to ensure you make maximum usage of it by having lofts. If you are getting the made from outside you will have to account for leaving space within an inch to have space for installation & for the furniture to fit in the gaps. If any undesired space is left , it can be covered with pelmet or wooden strips.


  • Types of Hardware

Depending upon your choice, wooden doors work better with traditional hinges as they need something durable that can withstand the weight. However for drawers & sliders, high end fittings like Hettich & Hafale can be used which will create a good combination of traditional & modern.

While the fittings do add to the cost the convenience of use they provide for usage of sliders & drawers are   much superior to traditional fittings.


  • Account of uneven walls 

Unfortunately most walls in most homes whether old or new flats do not have even surface which means they require some kind of packing for balancing & some gaps tend to be visible. This should be taken into consideration as it is an extremely common problem.


  • Take into account any drilling

If the overhead units/lofts required drilling then please make sure it is planned in advance as a lot of people prefer to avoid drilling in their homes. The designing of the wardrobe needs to be planned depending upon whether drilling would be done or not.


  • Planning the internals of a Wardrobe

In order to make maximum usage of space, the internals of the Wardrobe will have to be planned depending upon what kind of garments will be stored. Having more shelves will create a lot more space however that reduces the availability of hanging space in the wardrobe.

Try to have the drawers in the centre higher level to avoid too much bending in order to open them. The more shelves & drawers that are added to the internal structure, it could add to the cost as that would require more usage of material.


  • Whether you are making it at home or outside

Some practical aspects can be judged better when the wardrobe is being made in front of you such as usage of internal space & design. Any changes if desired can be done on the spot. How ever the same thing can be a disadvantage as well as it requires reworking of material & re designing.

The biggest advantage of outsourcing a wardrobe is that it avoids all nuisance of noise, mess, risks of getting hurt & it normally takes  only a day to have the wardrobe installed at your home & most of the time would cost  lesser as well.


  • Measuring entrance & bedroom doors

This is mainly for fixed wardrobes as often due to modern homes being small fixed pieces of wardrobe do not get inside the bedroom or sometimes they do not have enough space to turn due to the obstruction of a wall or something else.


  • Planning for a niche 

If the wardrobe has to be fitted into a niche, then extra care needs to be taken so that the wardrobe measurement does not exceed even by half an inch. For a wardrobe meant for open spaces it does not matter much as half or one inch extra size could be accommodated, however if the size for a niche exceeds then the sides would have to be reduced with a cutter which would involve additional labour, work & probably expense.


  • Material to be used

1. MDF – while mdf would give a great finish, it would lack the required strength & durability that Indians are traditionally used to.

2. Plywood – Perhaps the most popular choice since it is economical & has multiple options to be used with such as veneer & laminate & can be very easily matched. A wide range of costing also exists for plywood to fit your budget ranging for commercial, M. R & marine.

3. Wood – For those who prefer to have a rich & classy look along with the same touch & feel go in for wood. Normally the more expensive option which also required reasonable amount of maintenance in terms of having good ventilation in the rooms & keeping it away from sunlight


  • Finishing touches 

After installation there tend to be gaps & uneven balance at times for which can be taken care of by giving extra packing with the use of pelmets or wooden strips to give it a more aesthetic look.


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