Types of Wood
Due to the tropical nature of Indian climate and humidity prevailant in most places, due care need to be taken when one is getting furniture made in wood. There are various kinds of woods available like deodhar, mango , sheesham, ikecia, teakwood and various imported qualities such as steam beach , oak, pinewood and a several other options of hardwood.

Following aspects should be taken into consideration while deciding which wood has to be used

Where is wood being used ?
If you need to use strips of wood in places then you could go in for softer woods like pinewood and steam beach can be used where requirement is that of framing or some kind of border. This is ideal for places where the large planks of wood are not very visible and can also be used over panels and boards.
However if the wood is meant for a hard place it is always suggested to go with the conventional woods for required strength and durability
Pros and Cons of different kinds of Wood

One of the cheaper and most widely available options for solid wood furniture.

Suitable for small pieces of furniture such as side table , coffee table, stands , accent furniture
One of the cheapest options to make a piece of furniture in solid wood

Mango wood being a soft wood which is not seasoned long enough is a wood with a lot of moisture content in it. Even though it can be treated with required chemicals, it is prone to get woodworm quiet easily.

Not strong enough for pieces of furniture where large plans are required such wardrobes and beds as can get warped easily .

Due to high moisture the wood can expand and contract a lot with whether change. As mango wood is not very dependable it could be a hit or miss whether the furniture will last you or not so that factor needs to be considered.

At times well seasoned and well treated wood can be durable


Similar in nature to mango wood in terms of strength and durability which means that its alright for small furniture . Can be used as extra support where wood is required in borders and strips
Low cost comparatively and hence is widely used.
Pinewood when finished well can have a good look and some kinds of pinewood come close to oakwood which makes it a good option if you need a country look for some place
Above all pinewood does not get wood work which is a big advantage.

Pine is a very soft wood so one can’t expect the same durability of a hardwood and it may not be the best option for a large piece of furniture


Advantages: A very strong hardwood which is considered amongst the premium hardwoods especially in Indian, partly due to its high cost and less availability
Looks: If you need an English look for your home or your furniture oakwood will completely fulfill that need of yours . The colour exture and grain of the wood will stand out very well in any piece of furniture. Oakwood also has a beautiful grain and looks good as a whole set or even as a stand alone piece.

Most oakwood available in India are freshly imported so oakwood will have a high tendency to crack however that would not affect the strength and durability of the wood


One of the most premium woods in India which classifies as a hardwood with beautiful grain. While it is not as hard as sheesham it can be more durable in terms of being resistant to whether changes

Teak is the number one and most premium choice for sofas , beds dining chairs and any other kinds of furniture.

High cost so needs a lot of planning before using it as to which furniture would be made from teakwood and which parts of the house will use cheaper quality woods
Teak is not totally isolated from disadvantages due to humidity and moisture which means that even a high grade wood like teak can be susceptible to joint movements and minor cracks.

Like any other wood teak also reacts to moisture and whether changes

Having made furniture in all kinds of wood, we are of the opinion that teakwood is still the best option for furniture given the climate and whether conditions in India. While every wood has its own moistire content and reaction to moisture levels , teakwood is still the most stable wood and any movement , joint issues in wood can be taken care of and refurbished more easily in teakwood

We suggest that based on your requirement such as period for which furniture has to be used , space where you need to use the furniture and your budget , you take an informed decision keeping above factors in mind.

We hope that the above article will help you in taking an informed decision


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    what is the cost of wb 104 three door teak wood furniture. and if we made same with sheesam wood then what will be the cost

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