Types of Woods

Solid wood material options we offer

The primary material we use for our furniture  is teak wood,  being the most premium and preferred wood.  It has a beautiful natural green warm look,  and can easily be used for almost all kinds of furniture,  except outdoor furniture which may require a separate treatment and finish process. Its natural shade is medium Brown and can be finished into a walnut or a wenge shade as well.  Certain kinds of distress finish can also be done on it.

Oak offers a blend of an English as well as a country look with  a slightly rustic touch. It is a light wood  and no Indian wood offers the kind of light grain that it has. It is a hard and durable wood which does not require much staining as a natural look works best for it.  Even a plane quote of wax or some kind of transfer in  quote  will bring out its natural beauty with a warm  and Stylish look.  Oak is important from various Western countries such as Australia , North America and parts of Europe. One must keep in mind that most oak  available is New wood  and can be subject to moisture fluctuation very easily however that is also considered part of the character of the wood.

Perhaps one of the lightest and softest solid wood available. It is mainly used in framing work as it has a clean look and also beautiful natural grains.  While pine wood can also be used for various kinds of storage and day to day furniture, it does not offer the kind of durability that other hardwood have. The best look that works on AC is again a natual look  with wax or a clear polish. It is a popular choice for children’s furniture,  being reasonably priced and does not have a dark and heavy look.

It has been a popular choice for furniture since decades and probably will continue to be so due to its reliable durability and ease of availability.  As there are a lot of quality is available in plywood, one must be cautious in using the right quality depending upon the budget and requirement.  Plywood is categorised into commercial hardcore, alternate grade,  moisture resistant grade,  Marine ply and boiling water proof  plywood  which are available across various budgets.

Sheesham wood
We only undertake bulk orders in sheesham wood.  while it does of  offer various characteristics of teakwood,  such as being a hardwood,  warm and beautiful grains,  its main disadvantage is the severe reaction it has to moisture fluctuation in terms of warping and  and a bigger concern is that it  can get termites despite doing a chemical treatment. The  reason for this is that the trees are cut prematurely  to make the word available in bulk.

In conclusion
Please keep in mind that when making solid wood furniture it is an organic product and we’ll always have a tendency to react to change in weather,  change in room temperature and change in location in terms of opening of joints,  minor cracks developing, however these issues can be taken care of as  wood  can be easily refurbished

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