Teak veneer

Fit your budget with teak veneer furniture
While teakwood is always the primary option for furniture due to its evergreen nature beautiful looks and  durability  it may also so at  times  be  beyond certain budgets. In such cases we suggest that part of the furniture can be made in solid teak wood and certain part of the furniture can be made  teak veneer.For example one popular combination is to make the beds in solid teak wood and the wardrobes  teak veneer.  As the wardrobe tend to be quite large covering entire wall to wall, it tends to be  the most expensive part of the bedroom. In such cases using teak veneer Can work out to a savings of 40 to 50%,  depending upon the kind of veneer used.

However one must keep in mind that there are various qualities available in teak veneer. What we suggest it is a good quality gurjan veneer As the grains will match most closely  to the natural grains of solid teak. Please keep in mind that certain design of veneers can almost match up to the costing of solid teak wood.

On the other hand the entire furniture can also be made in teak veneer  or a matching laminate if desired.  When you can also have various finish options such as light wood, medium shade and the dark shade.  Just like wood it can be finished with hand polish, melamine or even PU polish.

One more  popular option is using laminate with plywood. Although laminates are a durable material, the touch and feel of a laminate will be different from solid wood so please keep that in mind accordingly.  Laminate pricing would again vary depending upon using branded or non-branded laminates,  finish off the laminate and whether it is regular laminate aur PVC laminate.

When using veneer or laminate,  we use good quality  MR grade plywood which is far better then using low commercial grade which is most commonly used.  If however your requirement it is in in superior plywoods such as marine,  century plywood,  architect grade plywood which are all boiling water proof the prices would again very accordingly.  The plywood we use easily have a life of 10 to 15 years

As you can see we try to offer customise options depending on your budget and ensuring that the quality does not go down below a certain point.  We avoid using material such as particle board,  MDF weather durability and strength cannot be guaranteed as these materials can also be used by pressing veneers and laminates on them.

We have been able to clarify your basic queries with regards to the material used and help you in making the correct purchase decision in making your furniture

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